Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Fred D is a determined little frog. I first met him in what I call my “secret garden” as I followed my usual routine of watering my plants. I had left some water in the watering can the day before and decided to use it up. When I tipped the watering can, nothing came out. Oh well, I thought, I guess some leaves are clogging the spout. I grabbed a twig to poke the leaves down and saw two big eyes staring at me. Apparently, a little frog had fallen into the watering can. When it couldn’t get out, it somehow crawled up into the spout.

I decided that the plants didn’t need to be watered right then and ran into the house to get my camera. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a very clear picture of the cute little fellow, but I wanted my husband, Paul, to see him when he got home. When we returned later, the frog was gone.  I guess I scared him so badly that he was determined to get out somehow…and apparently he did.

That’s how I came to write the second book in my children’s series, God’s Secret Garden Adventures. I titled it Fred D’s Amazing Escape. When Fred D (for determined, of course) Frog disobeys and leaves God’s Secret Garden, he almost doesn’t make it back to Promise Pond. Unfortunately for him, he faces more serious dangers than just getting stuck in a watering can. Fred D ultimately learns that obedience is even more important than determination.

Like my first book, Benny’s Angel, which launched in 2011, Fred D’s Amazing Escape is written for children between three and eight. It will be released in March of 2013 and followed soon after by the third book in the series, Catie’s Secret. Each God's Secret Garden Adventure is crafted to entertain young children and at the same time impart sound biblical principles. 

 I’ll tell you about Catie's Secret next time, so tune in.   

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