Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Recently, we heard the shocking news of two more young Hollywood stars who succumbed to suicide. Gia Allemand, an actress and model, who was finalist in Season 14 of "The Bachelor," hung herself on August 12. She died two days later. Lee Thompson Young, who at age 14 was the star of the Disney series "The Famous Jett Jackson," and went on later to star in many other TV shows, was found dead on August 19. How sad when individuals who appear to have everything to live for lose all hope.

It is so vital that our society give young people the kind of values that will sustain them through both the mountain tops and the valleys of life. First of all, every person needs the redeeming power of Jesus Christ and the strength and hope He offers. After that, important character attributes to encourage in our children are commitment, consistency, perseverance, and persistence, which is easily remembered with the acronym CCPP.

As we pass on these timeworn values to our families and in our schools, as well as communicate them through our media outlets and social institutions, we can help our young people find a brighter hope and a sure future.

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