Monday, August 27, 2012

Benny’s Angel Sequels Coming

As I return to my social media activities with this, my first post in several months, I ask myself, “Where did the summer go?” No doubt, others wonder the same thing, especially youngsters heading back to school.

Time has a way of sliding on past us while we are “doing life”. It began to get away from me way back in the spring, when a couple of unexpected hospitalizations and subsequent doctor visits derailed me. Thank God, the outcome was positive and later on, we traveled up north to visit family and friends. We also enjoyed bringing two granddaughters back to Florida for a couple of weeks.

In spite of all this, my creative juices continued to flow in at least one important area of my writing. I am excited to announce that, with God’s help, I completed two more children’s books in my series, God’s Secret Garden Adventures. The first book, Benny’s Angel, released from Tate Publishing in 2011. Book two, Fred D’s Amazing Escape, will launch in April of 2012. The third book, Catie’s Secret, releases shortly after that.

Children, parents, and grandparents alike have delighted in Benny’s Angel and its charming animal characters. In the weeks ahead, I look forward to introducing you to some new animal personalities that will join existing ones in books two and three of God’s Secret Garden Adventures.

                                                                                                     Laura Allen Nonemaker

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