Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Don't Miss the First Book Signing for Benny's Angel!

You are invited to the first book signing of Benny's Angel: A God's Secret Garden Adventure. Author, Laura Allen Nonemaker will read for children in attendance. She also will share the unusual events surrounding the birth of her children's book and its journey through publication.

This delightful tale uses animals, nature, and a visit from an angel to teach children the importance of prayer and the value of trusting God. Benny and his secret garden friends promise to find a special place in the hearts of children everywhere.

        Date:  Saturday, September 10
        Place: Audubon Hospital Community Room L2       
         Time:  4:30 pm  Laura will do a reading for the children
                  5:00 pm  Dinner available in cafeteria
                  6:00 pm  Laura speaks 
                         Book signing before and after meeting

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