Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Benny's Angel: Coming to Life

Recently I received the galley proof of Benny’s Angel. What a thrill to hold this preliminary copy of my first children’s picture book in my hands!

The journey to this point has taken almost exactly one year. It began last summer as I sat praying and contemplating in what I call my “secret garden.” Suddenly, a little rabbit scurried across the path. I thought of my granddaughter’s pet rabbit, whose name was Benny, and the concept for Benny's Angel began to take shape. This spring Benny went to “rabbit heaven” but his namesake was born in my imagination that day. Through the pages of Benny’s Angel, he will lead young children on an exciting adventure in God’s Secret Garden. 

My final task before printing was to go over the proof with meticulous care to check for typos, incorrect spacing, and errors in indentation. Once the corrections are complete, I will sign off my approval and place my first printing order. Before long, Benny’s Angel will be available for pre-launch book signings and other promotional events. Soon Benny and his friends will come alive in the imaginations of children, just as he did in mine.  
                                                                                                      ~ Laura Allen Nonemaker

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