Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Day After Christmas

'Twas the day after Christmas and all the delight
Of the past day's festivities had faded from sight.
The toys that brought squeals just the morning before,
Were strewn all about and completely ignored.

Not a sound could be heard from the bedrooms upstairs,
As Mom mopped the kitchen and Dad wiped the chairs.
The wrappings were gathered and dragged to the door,
When a book, with a thud, fell out on the floor.

'Twas the story of Jesus, that was meant to be read
On the night before Christmas, right before bed.
What regret to remember, when the big day was done,
That the Reason for Christmas was left out of the fun.

With hearts that were heavy and tears in their eyes,
They knelt and repented for being unwise.
A firm resolution was made, then and there,
To make Jesus the center of Christmas next year.

                                     ~Laura Allen Nonemaker

Note: This poem was published previously in Kentucky Monthly and Essence Treasury: Celebrating the Season under my former name, Laura McCrea.

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