Friday, March 1, 2013


I shared in a previous post how Fred D's Amazing Escape, the second children's book in my God's Secret Garden Adventures series, came to be. At that time, I promised to be back to tell you about the third book, Catie's Secret. Unfortunately, health issues with my husband and me kept me from staying current with my blog. I thank God that we are both doing well and resuming normal life (if our busy lives can be called normal for two retirees).

I love all the characters in my books, but especially Catie Caterpillar. She entered my imagination following a bug (pun intended) that my daughter, Lisa, put in my ear one day. "Mom, why don't you do a story about a butterfly?" were her words, as we talked about possible future topics for God's Secret Garden Adventures. She remembered my first encounter with raising butterflies not long before.  I had chronicled my experiences, some of them challenging, in a series of blog posts. Accompanied by photos, these earlier posts can be found in my blog archives.

When the nephew and niece of Mayor Benny (remember him from Benny's Angel?) come to Peaceful Meadow to eat clover and play, they find Catie crawling on a milkweed plant. She is eating voraciously and getting fatter and fatter. Then Catie is faced with a challenge and she must make a decision on how to react. She is a soft-spoken little thing, a bug of few words you might say. She decides to focus on the thing she knows best - eating.

I won't spoil the rest of the story by revealing it here, but suffice it to say that by the end of the book, the bunnies have experienced some valuable teaching moments. Both Fred D's Amazing Escape and Catie's Secret will be available by Summer 2013, when it can be purchased a number of ways, including Tate Publishing's online bookstore, my author website, Amazon.Com, and Barnes & Noble.Com.  

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