Tuesday, April 5, 2011

"Just in Case"

This morning, a thunderstorm blew across Southwest Florida. For some reason, it felt like an outward sign of a world in turmoil. When events feel out of control, I often dive into organizing. I guess it’s an attempt to bring some order into my little world, to control what is within my control.

 I gathered some file folders and began to sift through several years of accumulation. As I pulled out some outdated information, I thought about the amount of paper we pile up in the course of our daily lives. There were old eyeglass prescriptions, long-resolved medical claims, and unneeded receipts. I found magazine and newspaper clippings saved for future reference “just in case". The topics ranged from gardening, to back exercises, to nutritional advice, and everywhere in between.

Although my mission to bring order to our file cabinet is not yet complete, I had the satisfaction of making a huge dent in the task. Some items surfaced that need immediate attention and I’m thankful I found them. Other papers had been misfiled and I was able to put them where they belong. The most satisfying part of the job was throwing away or shredding a large amount of unnecessary paper. Of course, I kept some of my clippings, “just in case”.

                                                                                                  ©2011 Laura Allen Nonemaker

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