Tuesday, January 4, 2011

How Benny's Angel Came to Be

There I was in what I call my "secret garden." It was a lovely summer day in June of 2010. As I sat on the wrought iron loveseat meditating and praying, I watched butterflies feast on nectar and listened to the birds sing.

Suddenly, a small rabbit darted past me. I had seen him before in the garden, or maybe his brother. It always gives me a warm feeling and I am at one with nature when I see God's creatures enjoying my garden. I thought about my granddaughter Rachel's pet rabbit, Benny. She has had him since she was quite small and she has loved him dearly.  Rachel is almost 14 now, and still loves and cares for Benny, but like any teenager, her world has expanded and Benny's place is on the periphery now.

Well, as I was saying, this perky little rabbit ran past me, and I thought of Benny. Then it began. A little scenario started forming in my thoughts, the kind of story line that would interest a young child. Somehow, I sensed it had come to me for a reason and I must not lose the thought. So I hurried inside to my computer and began to type. Benny's Angel took form and came alive.

In the week or so following, I edited, refined and proofed. Then I e-mailed my story to several friends in Louisville Christian Writers, of which I am a founding member, for critique. I was encouraged to seek a publisher and here I am entering the first month of production for Benny's Angel with Tate Publishing. Also, I am pleased to share that a sequel is nearing completion, the result of another incident in the secret garden.

I have no doubt, the way events occurred, that God's hand is in this project and I feel privileged and blessed to be the instrument he chose to convey a precious lesson from the Bible to  his little ones. May his name be glorified through Benny's Angel, the first in the God's Secret Garden Adventure Series.

                                                                                                                 ~ Laura

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